Janette Ayachi

Janette Ayachi is a London-born Edinburgh-based poet with degrees from Stirling and Edinburgh Universities.  She has published internationally across a wide range of print and online literary journals and anthologies.  Her first pamphlet Pauses at Zebra Crossings was released this year and is available from her website.  Her second collection A Choir of Ghosts is set for release from Calderwood press next year.  In repsonse to working six years as an Art Gallery assistant alot of her pieces are ekphrastic; other inspirations include travel, temptation and relationships- and best poems combine all three.  She has recently scoped out the Performance Poetry scene in the city and is beginning a new audio journey recording spoken word over music or found sound. 

For more links, pamphlets and filmpoem visit: www.janetteayachi.webs.com 

 "Janette Ayachi enchanted us with her measured, explorative poetry. Her reworkings of classic paintings, with a sharply focused eye on the seemingly mundane, are undeniably the work of a powerful voice that is conscious of that which remains hidden: “I am the perverted picture viewer/ tuned in and turned on/ to the aesthetic beauty of visuals// distorting reality/ just so I can escape awhile/ in the shadow of the auditorium”. New LInear Perspectives.

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